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Live On Tour hire Sound Systems of all sizes, which will cater for any sized audiences, be it indoor or outdoor events. This can range from small fully active systems for pub, club and acoustic type sets, to the more powerful long throw systems for large parties, shows, concerts and festivals.
We only use one manufacturer for our mixing desk needs, Soundcraft.
This provides you with full, highest quality sound, EQ, FX, Compression, Limiting, in fact, everything you may be looking for to ensure the best possible sound for your event. From 8 to 62 channels available, anything is possible.
Microphones available are Line 6 Digital Wireless, Shure, AKG, Sennheiser & Lewitt, which cover all vocal and instrument / percussion needs.
Audiences, performers & events never fit into a pre-designed plan, That’s why Live On Tour will always work with you, to see what would be specifically required for your event. We only use high quality sound systems, with our main suppliers being:
Element 5 Systems
(high power, long throw sound, large events)
(short to medium throw, smaller to medium size events)
From 2,000 to 120,000 watts of theatre, concert and festival power.
For sound on stage, and monitoring, up to 6,000 watts of power is available, because we understand, it's just as important for each performer to hear exactly what's going on, allowing for a perfect performance, and a great show for the audience.

Live On Tour Carry Full Public Liability Cover Insurance - All equipment is fully Portable Appliance Tested (PAT Tested) - All quotes are free, with no obligation.
Call us anytime with details of what you are planning, and how you’d like it to run. - Even if things change just before the event, no need to worry, we’ll deal with it!

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Live On Tour for most sized audiences, indoor or outdoor events, for large parties, shows, concerts or festivals.

For public meetings, in the setting of a small band, or acoustic duo for instance, its great to be able to set a scene.

We’re pleased to be touring with:
The Tina Turner Experience.
And loving it !!

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